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Welcome to Black Grove’s Maternal Influence Females. It is our wish that as you browse these pages, you will discover the essence of the operation that our family has been building over the past 60 years breeding the most efficient and productive manufacturing plants in the cattle industry – the Angus cow! Before you make your next investment in foundational or replacement females be sure to visit us in person or online.

In the Black Grove program, we focus on a philosophy of linebreeding maternal traits from a gene pool of bloodlines emanating from superior performance individuals within the Rito, Traveler, Emulation and Rainmaker families, thus continuing the linebreeding efforts of some of our greatest Angus breeders.

These animals were selected based on their maternal traits and proven performance in our effort to increase heritability, prepotency and predictability thereby creating a more profitable cow herd. The maternal traits include fertility, calving ease, moderate size, angular front, docility, low input/feed efficiency, longevity/functionality, excellent udders/milk production and great feet that perform in multiple environments on a diet of only grass, hay and minerals.

Only cattle with these maternal traits remain in our breeding program. We are fond of saying, “We breed and raise them the way we want to buy them.” All the cows in the sale are confirmed pregnant by Dr. Joel Riley. Many of them are sired by or artificially inseminated or naturally bred by Black Grove bulls. We use proven bulls and bulls we bred based on their proven maternal genetics. We compare their calves’ performance to calves sired by other respected current AI sires we select for genetic and performance validation in our low input environment. So far, our program and strategy are working for us and our customers, as we now have Black Grove maternal genetics performing in 21 states from Florida to Washington state.

One of the more difficult economic factors to measure is functionality. After years of study, we have determined the best measure of functionality is longevity. We believe logic and common sense dictate that cows who live a long time would have been culled if they were not functionally sound. If a cow did not remain fertile and productive, have a good udder and teats, milk well, maintain her fleshing ability and have good feet, she would have been culled.

By focusing on longevity (a high probability of living and being productive for 15+ years), we reduce our turnover in the cow herd and our need to raise replacement heifers. This lowers our capital costs, increases our profitability and improves our return on investment.

Over the past decade many registered Angus breeders around the country have focused heavily on terminal traits including high marbling and $B. The Angus Association, CAB, feedlots and meatpackers have promoted these traits to the exclusion of many other maternal traits important to cow/calf operations including easy fleshing, feed efficiency, muscle, quality udders and feet. Terminal trait cattle generally are larger and require more feed and therefore are more expensive to raise and maintain. This situation is creating major issues for many cow/ calf operations who keep replacement heifers from these bulls, including but not limited to low body condition, lack of muscle, deteriorating performance on grass and foot problems. This situation is causing some to modify their operations by increasing or supplementing expensive feed to their mature cow herds, or trimming the feet of their cattle, increasing their cow culling rate or trying to breed their way out of a terminal cow herd. For the record, Black Grove has never trimmed the feet of bulls we sell or raise.

If you have selected bulls for terminal traits, you should have been advised to carefully consider selling all the heifers along with bulls rather than keeping them for replacements. We believe one of the most important decisions a cattleman can make is to source replacement heifers and the bulls used to create them from maternal trait breeders’ programs. Remember, GREAT BULLS come from GREAT COWS.

We trust you will find information, candid opinions, genetics and ideas which will assist you in reaching and sustaining your goals.

For further information regarding cows and heifers for sale at the ranch, please call Walter Shealy at (803) 924-1000.

The Shealy Family

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