"We have chosen four sire families out of all of the sires that we have used over the past 30 years and used these four families exclusively over the past nine years. We plan to continue to use them exclusively for the foreseeable future. These families are the Emulation family, going back to N Bar Emulation 31, the Traveler family, going back to Q A S Traveler 23-4, the Rito family, going back to R R Rito 707, and the Rainmaker family, going back to G D A R Rainmaker 340. The bulls in each sire group that we have focused on using are EXT and Leachman Right Time from the Emulation family, Rito 707 and 7075 from the Rito family, 6807, Emblazon, and Missing Link from the Traveler family, and Basin Rainmaker 654X, Paxton and Unmistakable, from the Rainmaker family. The sires we have used were chosen to add low input and feed efficient genetics, longevity, docility, maternal instincts, milk production, and phenotype. All of our herd sires born since 2002 have been out of these sire groups. Our herd sire, Black Grove Elation, offers a unique mix of the sire groups, being an EXT son, out of a Rito 707 sired dam, back to Ideal 4465 of 6807 4286 (a Traveler 6807 grandam). Call or email us if you are interested in purchasing semen to add these proven genetics to your herd."

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