Forage Bull Test

Black Grove Forage Bull Test is designed to deliver bulls that are developed in an environment which closely mirrors the one in which they will be working. Our own young herd sires are chosen from our performance test because we believe in this development process

Our bulls are fed a maximum of 2.5% of their body weight for the test period and range over a hilly fescue pasture supplemented with fescue/bermuda hay. We do not overfeed our bulls like so many other bull tests where they create potential problems such as foundering, long hooves, fertility and melt down.


At Black Grove we raise them the way we would want to buy them.

We moved our bull test to Newberry in 2014. This has helped us to manage their diet more effectively. This year the bulls were fed with the goal of gaining three pounds per day. All bulls have passed breeding soundness exams administered by George P. Copeland, DVM.


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