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Mark Your Calendars! NEW DATE

Black Grove Maternal Influence Female Sale
September 17th, 2021 — 7 P.M.
Online and Newberry, SC

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These are a few of the Sale Features

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On behalf of the entire crew at Black Grove, I'm excited to provide details on the newest version of their Black Grove female Production sale to be held on September 17th as they celebrate their 59th year of breeding registered Angus cattle. The theme for this year's event and truthfully, the backbone of the historical Black Grove program has always been STABILITY. In order for seedstock operations to obtain and sustain long term success, as the world evolves and the industry progresses forward, it's imperative to embrace the ever changing environment of the business, in order to meet the demands of the nation's most progressive cattlemen. With that being said, my hat goes off to the Shealy family for stepping away from their traditional marketing approach and embracing the opportunity to develop new versions of meeting the needs and demands of like minded cattlemen across the country.

This year, the cattle will be sold via an online auction hosted by This "Virtually Live" online auction is designed to offer the buyer with a convenient and transparent buying experience, by having a live video feed of the auctioneer, along with photos and videos of the sale offering that will be available for viewing prior to the event. To further explain, you can bid on cattle from anywhere in the country, as long as you have reliable internet access and a computer or mobile device, while still enjoying the dynamics of the auctioneer and a live sale! After registering as a new user on, you can log in for the Black Grove sale, and once the auction begins, you simply click the price listed on your screen and when I say sold, the highest bidder will win the auction, it's that simple. Please note, it's recommended that you register on no less than 48 hours prior to the auction, in order to become more familiar with the process.

In addition, for your convenience, those that feel more comfortable bidding at the farm during the auction, the Shealy family will have cattle on display and you are more than welcome to pull up a chair in the barn and purchase cattle in a more traditional manner. While watching the live video with your friends and neighbors an American Angus Regional Manager will be present as a ringman and will accept bids from those of you who are present and your bid will be entered into the computer by another technology ringman on your behalf. I look forward to working with you all, and I'm excited for you to experience this "Virtually Live" Online Auction at Black Grove!

— Dave Mullins

At Black Grove, we have Bulls, foundation females and replacement heifers, embryos and semen for sale private treaty year-round.

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